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  • Comforters and Duvets
  • Comforters and duvets should be cleaned in the beginning and the end of each winter season and come in two general filled types.

    • Synthetic or poly fill

    These types of comforters are generally less expensive and more colourful. They will usually have an elaborate coloured pattern or patchwork. The fill used is of a synthetic or polyfill composite that is loosely stitched into position.

    Untitled-1   polyfibre



      • Down filled

    down_logoeider_down_silk_duvetSold by many large and well established bedding companies, these are the most comfortable and well loved type of comforters. Typically loosely filled with goose down feathers.



    It is important to note, that overall cleaning costs are higher because of the increased processing required to ensure the down is properly cleaned and thoroughly dried.
    Whether they are synthetic or down, the labeling indicates and determines the method of cleaning.

    Featherbeds and down filled pillows are not cleaned on site. Rather they are outsourced to a 3rd party for professional cleaning.